Under TIMLED Equities we are using the stokvel model to create investment opportunities

TIMLED Equities is simply a group of people with an interest of getting together and pool their money to invest in equities, bonds and unit trusts. While our primary motivation is to make as much money as possible, we are also a great way for investors to share ideas and learn about the market from others.

Pulling together allows us to make democratic decisions in a club setting, like:

Investing a set amount regularly.
Reinvesting earnings, dividends and profits.
Investing in quality growth stocks and equity mutual funds.
Diversifying our investments.

These principles are very much in keeping with a buy-and-hold strategy, characterized by low portfolio turnover rates.


Date:16 June 2018
Venue: TBC

We at least meet every three months to reflect on the running of the stokvel and its related activities.

Stokvels have a long history within the Black communities dating back to the “Marabi
Era” and that was according to Lukhele (1990), a period that defined the dominance
of these social gatherings. The literature reviewed explains stokvels as founded by
friends, relatives, work colleagues, church members and as neighborhoods initiatives.
Furthermore, stokvels are known as internal groups with goals that define themselves
from the external wider (community) groups.

They aim to provide members with social, spiritual, familial, communal and friendship promoting environment.

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